We run all our courses online

Due to the current COVID-19 development, we have chosen to convert upcoming courses into a digital format. Our course offerings usually include online courses and we have extensive experience in online meetings and webinars (did you know that our entire team works remotely and we have the majority of both internal and client meetings online?). We are happy to share our experiences and hope that our online courses, in addition to knowledge about nudging, can give you inspiration and tips on organizing events online.

We have extensive experience in leading webinars, online courses and digital meetings. With the help of the video conferencing service Zoom we create an inclusive, interactive and effective course environment.

Read more about upcoming web courses:

Our courses are hosted by the Network Nudging Sweden with trainers from A Win Win World and Nudgd. Most of the courses are held in Swedish, but we would love to know if you have an interest in an English version. If there is a big enough interest we would be happy to arrange one.

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